Producing more than a footage. Producing impact.

Badlands is a one-stop boutique agency providing full solutions in the field of digital B2B Marketing Communication. As we believe that our task as well as our duty is to bring our Partners ease, we create products to support small projects or large campaigns. Our in offices in CEE have been collaborating with large corporations worldwide.


In the dawn of the next industrial revolution everyone’s needs are slightly different and this is mirrored in our service and approach. Understanding our Partner’s challenges and their Customer’s needs requires in-depth knowledge, constant researching and openness.  Our goal is to work together to discover what they want (or even more) when they want it (or even a bit earlier) – every time.


A highly qualified team with decades of experience in film, TV, photography and post production. We have a passion for our daily job, our hobby – discovering new ways of creating engaging motion picture products.


With our deep B2B understanding and long years of experience in the field we bring passion to every project we do and the highest quality to every product we create.

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